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Nursing Homes in Port St. Lucie

Nursing homes are a commonly needed, beneficial form of care for those who are older or those who need consistent medical support. They are a type of senior living community that provides support and wellness benefits for adults 55 years or better that cannot safely live at home.

Nursing homes are usually used for long-term support needs, creating a permanent place for a person to live while he or she receives the care they need to pursue their goal lifestyle. Nursing homes provide comprehensive care options, including assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like bathing and eating.

The best nursing homes also include various amenities and services, depending on the location as well as the level of care the individual needs.

If you are searching for nursing homes in Port St. Lucie, you should first understand the differences between nursing homes, assisted living communities and memory care facilities.

Wellness Benefits of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are unique from other types of care providers, mainly because of the higher level of health and personal care support available within the community at all times. Federal law regulates that a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse be available 24-hours a day at a nursing home.

What makes this different from many other forms of healthcare is that a medical professional is always available to help with a person’s specific health needs, including managing and administering medications, mental health support, emergency response needs and other types of injury or illness support.

There are many wellness benefits a nursing home can offer someone unable to live alone due to falls, the risk of injury or disease. Among those benefits are a potentially longer lifespan, improved overall quality of life and support to achieve the unique interests and goals an individual may have.

The community and programs designed at nursing homes also provide valuable social and cultural benefits to residents, helping them develop friendships and remain active, which in turn helps encourage better eating, sleeping and hygiene habits.

Amenities Offered at Nursing Homes

The amenities available at nursing homes will vary by location. However, nursing homes in Port St. Lucie are no longer the medical wards they used to seem like 20 to 30 years ago. Today, they are designed to provide a higher level of support for individuals while also providing an enriching environment.

Depending on the nursing home, you may find amenities like:

  • Shared or private rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces for rest and relaxation
  • Both private or shared dining rooms
  • Fitness centers and game rooms
  • Salons or barbershops

Many Port St. Lucie nursing homes offer beautifully landscaped courtyards and spacious gathering places to watch movies or to interact with others. Multipurpose and activity rooms are common and can be used for special events, concerts, entertainment and arts programs. Some locations offer social events, as well as fitness programs that range from bocce ball to water aerobics.

Services Offered at Nursing Homes

Like amenities, the services available in nursing homes vary significantly from location to location, but they also can vary based on a person’s needs.

The most common form of support in a nursing home, as in other types of communities like assisted living, is help with Daily Activities of Living. Daily Activities of Living include toileting, transferring (changing positions,) grooming and bathing, among others. Those who need help with things like eating, dressing, moving from one area to the next and handling medications can get that help in this environment.

Because there is a licensed medical professional always available, tasks such as illness management, medication support, infection support and other more complex health needs can be met, as well.

Often, the services provided are meant to stimulate emotional and physical health. Nursing homes develop programs that support that goal, encouraging residents to be involved physically and socially, getting to know their neighbors and exercising their bodies and minds to improve overall wellness.

Unlike past nursing home environments, today’s communities focus on improving quality of life, which means more than just meeting current needs. For example, holistic programs may be available to help support a person’s ability to improve their health.

To enrich residents’ lives and make essential tasks easier, modern nursing homes also provide additional services, such as transportation to medical appointments and group outings to cultural events or shopping.

Port St. Lucie Nursing Home Cost & Pricing

The cost of a nursing home in Port St. Lucie ranges based on care level, as well as location. According to some reports, the average cost is $132 per day or $4,000 per month.

Costs are higher for those who need more advanced supportive care or unique needs. Medicare may provide some help for this type of care, depending on a person’s needs.

Not Sure If a Nursing Home Is Right for You?

A nursing home can provide an enriching environment with numerous benefits for those who live there. Modern locations offer a wide range of amenities and can provide peace of mind and support for those who have family and friends who need more advanced care on an ongoing basis.

However, a nursing home may not always be necessary. There are many different senior living options. If you only need help with a few tasks, you may be a better fit for assisted living, or if you need help with a memory impairment like dementia, a memory care community is likely your best option.

At The Cabana at Jensen Dunes, we provide customized assisted living and memory care support. Take the time to compare your needs, matching them to different levels of care to determine the type of support that will best allow you to live the life you want.

If you are looking for more help and guidance, contact us at The Cabana at Jensen Dunes to learn more about the specific services we can offer to you within our community.

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