Seniors Gain Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits from Pets

Cheerful retired senior woman smiling while embracing her Beagle dog and enjoying time with her pet.A pet can bring great joy into our lives, especially for seniors living on their own. When getting out and socializing with family and friends is tough, a pet can fill your days with companionship, love, and even a reason to get outside and exercise.

The fact is that seniors and pets both benefit from time together. The retirement lifestyle for seniors means they can give pets the love, care, and time they require; in return, pets bring lots of joy to seniors. Here are just a few ways pets make our lives richer:

Days are Never Lonely

When you own an animal, you’re not only giving them companionship and love, but you also receive it back in abundance. They are always happy to be with you and eager to join you in everything from a stroll to get a snack to watching a favorite movie. Additionally, most animals do better with a routine, which will help you maintain a schedule for getting up and moving when your pet is clamoring for a walk or playtime.

It’s Easier to Get Out and Greet Others

A dog can be an excellent reason to get out for a walk and some fresh air. It’s also a known fact that dogs are like magnets. They draw people of all ages to them. So not only will you get your healthful exercise, but you may find yourself meeting new friends who love sharing stories about their pets.

The Benefits of Pet Training

Teaching your pet to perform tricks or training your pet to do something more meaningful can give you both something to look forward to every day. Plus, it’s good exercise for the body and brain, for both the pet and owner. And you never know when you and your pet can brighten someone else’s day too. Dogs have many abilities, one of which is that they love pleasing and caring for their human companions. You can spend time each day helping your dog learn fun and entertaining tricks. You can even teach your four-legged friend to help you pick up things you drop.

Of course, dogs shouldn’t steal the spotlight. In addition to curling up on your lap, cats love to play interactive games too. A great way to spend time with your cat is to train them to do a few impressive tricks.

Which Pet is Right for You?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that seniors benefit from the healing powers of pets. Besides the increase in social interaction and physical activity, there are also intangible benefits. Dogs and cats live very much in the present, which can rub off on their owners. With a pet offering hours of endless joy, the worries of tomorrow are held at bay.

While dogs and cats are the pets most people tend to bring into their homes, other pets can bring just as much joy to a senior’s life. And, when time is limited, a pet that requires less care and attention fits the bill. For instance, hamsters are busy, clean, and cute, and make delightful pets, especially when you have limited room. They don’t require much space, and they’ll surprise you with their ability to keep their homes tidy. If you have the room and want to invest in a multi-level home with tube connectors, you’ll see how a hamster sets up its house. Or you may enjoy designing and building your hamster’s home yourself. The more you construct, the more activity you’ll get to see.

The bond between a human and an animal can be an exceptional and rewarding one. With love, patience, and time, an animal can become a beloved friend and bring joy into your life.

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