Tips for Choosing a Senior Living Community for Your Parents

Family members should always remain a valuable part of a person’s care team. When a parent is looking at future care options, they’ll likely turn to their children for input. Taking some time to look at the features of select communities in the Jensen Beach area will help you, your parent and your family members make the best choice based on needs and care options.

Senior Living Care Options

The first part is knowing what care options are available. Often, communities have different levels of care based on individual requirements. The goal is to find the perfect senior apartment home that is both supportive and understands the importance of independence when possible.

Independent Living

The community is designed to support a full and comfortable lifestyle for seniors. Independent living is for those people who need very little assistance. This type of living provides residents with amenities and services, various programs and events to enjoy while being freed from substantial housekeeping, chores and maintenance.

Assisted Living

These communities focus on providing a safe and caring place while encouraging participation in programs. An assisted living community in Jensen Beach will typically have senior apartments or homes with access to a range of personal care services, including assistance with dressing, personal grooming, and medication management.

Memory Care

Port St. Lucie memory care communities have similar amenities as assisted living but will have trained team members to ensure the health and safety of those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions affecting memory.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing, although not considered senior living, provides 24-hour round-the-clock healthcare. Medical professionals are always available and manage the care of all residents. Older adults with medical issues or physical limitations typically require this level of care.

To learn more about these different options, check out our Guide to Senior Living.

Researching Florida Senior Living Communities

Once you find the communities with the care options you prefer for your parent; you can compare services and amenities. You can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to speak with a community representative to have all your questions answered.

Dining Options

Not surprisingly, the cuisine is one of the essential considerations in selecting a senior living community. Nutrition is vital as we age for several reasons. First, older adults often require special dietary considerations. Usually, a community will have menus for those who need a low-sugar or low-salt diet.

Plus, meals are always nutrient-dense to confirm your parent is eating right. Also, the meals should appeal to residents to encourage healthy eating. Residents will always prefer chef-prepared and restaurant-style options.

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Community Amenities

Remember to ask about the available types of on-site amenities. If your parent enjoys the outdoors, look for communities with features such as gardens, courtyards, and walking paths. Active adults often want a residence with fitness centers or swimming pools. Maintenance teams should be on hand to take care of trash removal, landscaping tasks and home repairs.

Community Programs & Events

The community should have a robust schedule with programs that appeal to all residents. Community programs encourage interaction among residents and may include movie nights, community events, outings to restaurants and museums, fitness classes, game nights and more. The residence may also host communal spaces to encourage get-togethers, such as game rooms, libraries, studio spaces and lounges.

Seeking Out Reviews of Each Community

The best way to choose a senior living community is to seek out current residents and their family members to discuss the living options.  Take time and look for reviews. Many communities will also have reviews; make sure you read all of them. Also, make sure you check their social media sites like Facebook, as they can also offer up valuable reviews for those selecting a residence. Plus, you’ll get a great understanding of what the community is all about by viewing their posts and images.

Community Tour

After scheduling a tour, you may have the option to speak to residents and staff members at length. Both in-person and virtual tours are beneficial for getting a feel for a community. You can quickly gauge how the staff interacts with residents and note their level of professionalism and friendliness. Furthermore, tours provide an opportunity to confirm the cleanliness of the residences and grounds.

Ask Questions

Prepare a list of questions to ask staff members during the tour. Make sure the representative understands your biggest concerns. Some sample questions can include:

  • Are staff onsite 24-7?
  • Do you have an in-house physician?
  • What type of security and safety measures do you have in place?
  • What type of training does your care staff complete?

Keep the Location Close to Home

When searching for a senior living community, consider a location that’s close to home. Your parent will likely feel more comfortable, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re just a short drive away. Community team members thrive with family members who are involved with their care. Many communities accommodate family visits. They may also have scheduled events that invite family members’ involvement.

Understanding your parent’s needs will help you make the ideal choice for them. If you’re unsure if a community is right for them, seek advice from other trusted family members and caregivers. Your parent’s physician can help you understand what current and future need to anticipate.

Port St. Lucie Senior Living Community

At Cabana at Jensen Dunes, our living options include assisted living and memory care. Download our senior living community brochure to learn more about what we have to offer, or contact us directly to speak to one of our staff.