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Skilled Nursing Communities

Skilled nursing communities provide a high quality, consistent level of care for those who need routine support and cannot live safely on their own. Skilled nursing communities have licensed medical professionals available 24 hours a day.

Though they differ from one location to the next, many skilled nursing communities provide individuals with care, medical support, and wellness guidance to enrich their lives. While the types of people who live in skilled nursing communities vary, they might include individuals who need daily support after a stroke or other medical event, those living with a condition like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease or those who need other ongoing, medical-oriented care.

Skilled nursing homes are meant to provide care for stable individuals, but they can provide emergency medical support in key situations. Most skilled nursing homes are not equipped to provide for any type of constant life support or ongoing medical interventions.

Wellness Benefits of Skilled Nursing Communities

The long-term, consistent support in skilled nursing communities provides multiple wellness benefits for residents, including peace of mind for themselves and their families. There will always be someone available to help in case of an accident, as well as assistance getting to and from medical appointments.

A skilled nursing community can also help individuals who need short-term care, such as rehabilitation support. Many times, long-term care communities offer accommodations that are meant for temporary use, providing an environment for healing and wellbeing. You’ll find an excellent level of wellness support for both short- and long-term residents including help getting fit, improving overall strength, and healing or maintaining wellness. Individuals healing from an illness or injury often need this type of step down from a hospital setting.

The best skilled nursing communities don’t just provide medical support and wellness for rehabilitation patients, however. They take a more holistic approach to wellness that can provide far-reaching benefits for all residents. Holistic wellness includes physical and mental health, but it also incorporates social activities, spiritual practices and the pursuit of joy through activities. The pursuit of whole-person wellness can come through medical care or the amenities, services and programs offered by the community.

Amenities Offered at Skilled Nursing Communities

The amenities at skilled nursing communities vary based on location. Generally, they are designed to provide a higher quality of life but with a moderate to high level of medical support. Because they incorporate both medical needs and aspects that improve quality of life, amenities are physically and mentally enriching for residents.

Amenities generally include private or shared space, depending on resident needs. They also include areas for friends and family to meet and talk with each other, creating a social atmosphere that builds community between residents and visitors. You’ll find indoor and outdoor areas for people to enjoy, often with features like covered patios, walkways and sunrooms.

There may also be additional onsite amenities such as an art studio, fitness space and entertainment areas with lounges and movie screenings. Some locations even offer features such as a pool, grilling areas, full-service salons and spas. Depending on the services offered, some locations focus on amenities surrounding their wellness and holistic care as well. This may include massage therapy, yoga or engaging rehabilitative care activities.

Services Offered at Skilled Nursing Communities

Individuals who are considering skilled nursing in Port St. Lucie have the freedom to choose the level and type of care right for their unique needs. Top communities help by performing an evaluation and reviewing each resident’s strengths and weaknesses before they come in. From there, they create tailored care plans and support regimens that provide the care each individual needs while giving them the highest degree of independence.

While care is customized, there are some services that every skilled nursing community offers. For example, support for the Activities of Daily Living, such as bathing, toileting and grooming, are available at every skilled nursing community. Since licensed medical professionals are on-site, skilled nursing communities can also provide additional services, such as wound care, speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy.

Skilled Nursing Community Cost and Pricing

The cost of skilled nursing communities ranges considerably based on the location and number of services offered. In 2018, surveys show the cost of a private room in a nursing home was $275 per day, or $245 per day for a semi-private room. Skilled nursing costs are often higher because they often provide more specialized services, such as rehabilitation. According to some reports, the average cost of a skilled nursing facility was between $140 and $771 per day in 2017. Private rooms were priced higher.

Those who require less rehabilitative care or specialized programs may not pay as much for skilled nursing services as others do. Nevertheless, the biggest cost factors relate directly to the location and the amenities available onsite.

Finding the Right Level of Support for Your Needs

Not sure if skilled nursing communities are right for you? There are several other types of senior living that could also provide the assistance you need while empowering you to live a full, active life. For those with a larger degree of independence, assisted living could be a good option or, if you’re dealing with a memory impairment like Alzheimer’s disease, you may want to consider memory care.

The Cabana at Jensen Dunes, located in Jensen Beach near Stuart and Port St. Lucie, provides both assisted living and memory care communities that allow every resident to maintain control of their life, with the support they need. If you have questions about whether you need skilled nursing, assisted living, or memory care, give us a call. We’ll help you evaluate your situation to find the best solution.