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Independent Living

Getting older may mean that some daily tasks are no longer easy to do or, more likely, that you may no longer want to do them. Moving into an independent living community where some of those needs are met for you can improve your quality of life, freeing up time for you to spend the way you want while still ensuring your privacy remains protected.

For many people, independent living can be the ideal choice to offer just the right amount of support based on your unique needs. Independent living communities are designed for active adults that are at or nearing their retirement years. Residents are healthy and care for their own needs, but enjoy a wide range of benefits within the community compared to living in a private home. Take a closer look at what it means to choose these locations and what you can expect from independent living communities in Port St. Lucie.

Wellness Benefits of Independent Living

Independent living communities provide people with a way to live in their own home or apartment, but they are within a community that provides for many of their services and needs. They are similar to 55+ retirement communities. In short, you gain the benefit of having your privacy and living your own life, but you have help with the services you need. This can ease stress caused by worrying about these items, relieve the physical burden of completing some tasks, and give you more time to pursue the things you love.

The wellness benefits of independent living range from one person to the next. However, people who live in this type of community typically enjoy a more maintenance-free, carefree lifestyle than if they lived in a typical suburban neighborhood. The community takes care of outdoor and indoor maintenance, landscaping and appliance repair. It likely also provides meals for those times when residents prefer not to cook in their own kitchens.

More importantly, independent living communities help residents remain active and engaged. Independent living communities often bring together a group of people that are likely to connect. Everyone is at a similar point in their lives, and many have children, family or friends that have moved to other areas. They all share a common interest in staying connected and experiencing life –  an independent community is structured to make meeting friends easy and enjoyable.

Amenities Offered at Independent Living Communities

The amenities at independent living communities will differ from one location to the next. Some Port St. Lucie independent communities are set up as a traditional community of detached home with an onsite clubhouse for residents to engage in activities. Others are apartment or condo-style and offer amenities within the buildings themselves.

Amenities may include everything from pools and spas to fitness centers. Many times, there is a strong focus on providing amenities that keep people active, such as having an onsite healthy restaurant or coffee bar. There are also places for socializing, walking trails and outdoor spaces for entertainment. It’s possible to play a game of bocce ball with friends or enjoy a glass of wine by the firepit – it all depends on the community you choose.

Services Offered at Independent Living Communities

Likewise, the services available at independent living communities can also vary. They typically include:

  • Landscaping
  • In-home maintenance and repairs
  • Dining and meal services
  • Housekeeping
  • Group transportation
  • Security monitoring

Some of these services are offered as options for residents that need or want them and may cost extra. Normally independent living communities do not have the higher levels or medical care. CCRCs are an option for those that may need more care down the road.

Independent Living Community Costs and Pricing

Independent living costs will range from one location to the next based on the features and amenities provided, the type of home and the services a person uses. In terms of other types of senior living options, this type of service is less expensive than those who need constant support and medical care. When comparing them to living at home, you’ll need to consider home maintenance and upgrades over time to determine whether you feel an independent living community can be more affordable than maintaining your current living situation. It’s also important to think of costs for services you may want or need to eventually have others complete for you.

Pricing is very much dependent on a person’s needs. For example, some independent communities in Port St. Lucie allow individuals to choose the services they want and need and pay just for those. However, there are rental costs for any property not owned outright by the resident. Some communities will include ownership of the home, but this is less common.

Depending on where you want to live and the style of independent living community you’re interested in, you could see prices ranging from $1,500 to $10,000 per month.

Is an Independent Living Community Right for You?

For those seeking a supportive living environment that still allows them to enjoy their current lifestyle, independent living may be a good choice. It offers a wide range of benefits and features that make your life easier without detracting from your ability to manage your own life.

However, there are adults who are largely independent but want more support than is provided in an independent living community. For example, many adults have trouble with daily activities such as dressing or personal care. For those, assisted living may be a better fit. Still more are dealing with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s, which could lead to a memory care community providing the right level of support.

When determining if independent living is a good option for you now, evaluate your level of independence and whether or not your life would be more enjoyable with additional help. Then, compare these different types of senior living available to you.