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55+ Retirement Communities

A 55+ retirement community is designed for adults who are able to live on their own in separate homes, apartments or condominiums. These communities provide a wide range of wellness benefits, but they are very different from each other. Most often, individuals will have their own home that’s private from others, though sizes and styles differ. They can carry on with tasks they would like to enjoy whether it is spending time working, enjoying life or exploring the world.

Though each community offers something new and a different set of amenities, all 55+ communities are designed to accommodate adults at a similar stage in their lives. Here is a look at what the best of these communities can offer. 55+ communities are very similar to independent living communities.

Wellness Benefits of 55+ Retirement Communities

The wellness benefits in these 55+ communities can be both emotional and physical. For example, many communities handle the shared space maintenance, including cutting the grass and managing other landscaping tasks, such as garden duties, to reduce the amount of physical work residents need to do on a regular basis. They also include community-wide events that bring people together to learn and relax together. This creates social and emotional connections for those who are living far from family or friends.

Ultimately, people living in 55+ retirement communities remain as independent as they would like to. They control their lives, meaning they can take advantage of wellness programs or incorporate their own wellness routines, such as physical fitness or spiritual devotion, into their days.

Amenities Offered at 55+ Retirement Communities

There are typically a variety of shared amenities, which may include a fitness center with shared equipment, a clubhouse and pool. Some locations also sit on or near a golf course, giving residents of that community access to it as much as they would like. Amenities also typically include shared open spaces, trails and biking areas.

Some 55+ communities in Port St. Lucie go further and offer onsite amenities that are more elaborate. Some have a bar, club or restaurant onsite. It is important to consider all features before making a decision about any specific location, as those amenities are typically what bring new residents to the community in the first place.

Services Offered at 55+ Retirement Communities

Many 55+ retirement communities provide residents with services in addition to amenities. As noted, most of them will incorporate maintenance and upkeep for shared components of the community, such as each of those amenities listed. They also provide typical maintenance and appliance repair or replacement for private, rented apartments or townhomes as well.

Many 55+ communities continue their services by providing a higher level of security for all people within the community, such as 24-hour security monitoring. This can provide community members with more peace of mind, especially compared to living alone in a private home. Even though each person is responsible for his or her own safety, there may be safety precautions on who may enter the community, such as members that live there and their families and friends. Not only does the added restriction keep the community safe, it also cuts down on unwanted nuisances, such as door-to-door salespeople.

55+ Retirement Community Cost and Pricing

55+ community pricing depends on the accommodations, amenities and included services. Costs also depend on the ownership of the homes within that space. In some areas, individuals purchase their homes and pay a homeowner’s association fee to the community for the extra services. In other cases, those homes are rented or leased. This can make pinpointing a specific price a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, these communities tend to be more affluent and priced higher than some other types of senior living, especially when you consider homeownership.

In general, you can find 55+ retirement communities that start around $750 per month on the low end of the spectrum, with few amenities and services. Some 55+ communities in Port St. Lucie and Jensen beach are a little more expensive than the average price. Luxury communities can cost several thousand dollars per month and include amenities like daily breakfast, group activities, transportation services and more.

Is a 55+ Retirement Community Right for You?

A 55+ retirement community can provide a positive, upbeat place to call home. Because everyone in the community is at least 55 years old, you can count on your neighbors being at a similar point in their lives as you are, creating a unique opportunity for you to connect through similar histories and experiences.

Those that need assistance with daily tasks or who require specialized care may want to consider other options. Compare 55+ communities to options like CCRCs, independent living, assisted living and memory care if you’re seeking more support.