Assisted Living 101

How making a move now can ease your mind and put you in control of your future

Moving to an assisted living community like The Cabana at Jensen Dunes may seem like a big decision, but it’s one that can allow you to live life to the fullest and ease worries about the future. Living life to the fullest means having the services and amenities that make each day a pleasure. Add to that the time and freedom that comes with having just the right amount of support. It’s a vibrant independent lifestyle with the assistance you need today and tomorrow. By making one careful choice, you ease your worries about the future. You will also ensure that you’ll have ready access to services, support, or care you might need conveniently located onsite.

The Cabana at Jensen Dunes is an memory care and assisted living community like no other, full of friendly neighbors and robust amenities like an outdoor pool, fitness center, and classes for lifelong learning. And while it offers a vibrant independent lifestyle and a safety net, it also provides other valuable benefits.

You stay in control

Selecting an assisted living community early on assures that needs that might arise later will be met in an environment you have researched and chosen yourself. Based on the retirement community you select, you can ensure that the available care levels, like assisted living, memory care, and extended congregate care, will meet your personal standards. This spares adult children or other relatives the difficulty and stress of finding these services during an emergency.

A safe, accessible home

An assisted living community’s amenities are thoughtfully planned for easy accessibility and safety, in addition to attractiveness. This ensures that residents can enjoy successful aging and remain involved in campus life. Many safety features are also built unobtrusively into residences, keeping aesthetics appealing while helping seniors stay as independent and active as possible

A health-conscious lifestyle

Assisted living communities direct significant efforts toward helping residents stay as healthy as possible. They offer various wellness programs, exercise options for all levels of fitness, health screenings, and more. Chef-led dining venues include menu choices that are both delicious and healthy. Assisted living communities also remove barriers to maintaining health. Residents can use community transportation to attend offsite doctor’s appointments. Additionally, or benefit from the convenience of scheduled visiting specialty physicians in onsite clinics.

Adjustable levels of assistance

While assisted living communities typically provide a bundled basic service package, residents can add more services as needed. Helpful staff can take care of many chores, so residents can devote their time and energy to more enjoyable pastimes. Staff can easily adjust and adapt to personal needs, with support focused on maintaining independence.  Additionally, residents can opt out of grocery shopping and cooking. Instead they can choose from a tempting menu of meals at restaurant-style dining venues.

Rehabilitation with a return-to-home focus

If a health event or injury occurs, an assisted living community offering on-campus rehabilitation will provide the physical, occupational, and other therapies needed to help seniors regain strength and independence. This way, they can return to their residences and the things they enjoy.

Assisted living in style

Assisted living means you get exactly the support you need within the community of your choosing, enjoying campus amenities, activities, and friends. This could be of value for a couple whose needs for care are different, enabling them to still spend most of their time together – without driving anywhere!

Care in comfortable familiarity

You also gain peace of mind, knowing that if a higher level of care is ever needed, such as memory care, it can be provided seamlessly. You’ll be assured of prompt admission, high-quality care, and the same great staff and hospitality you’ve come to enjoy within your chosen community.

Finding exceptional care for your loved ones when they need it most is a big step. But, making a move to an assisted living community can yield many advantages for seniors. If you’re searching for assisted living or memory care in Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach or the Stuart, FL area, The Cabana at Jensen Dunes can help. We invite you to call 772-758-1003 or fill out the form on this page to learn more about our community.