Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors

No matter where you live in the United States, you can be affected by severe seasonal weather. For us here in Jensen Beach and most of the southeastern U.S., that means possible hurricanes from June through November.

You can never be too prepared for hazardous weather, especially when it comes to the safety of a family member.

Below are a few of our top tips for older people in the event of a hurricane:

Building a Hurricane Kit

Having the proper supplies on hand is essential in preparing for hurricane season in Florida. It starts with developing a plan as soon as possible so you’ll be prepared as the storm approaches. It’s crucial to have at least a minimum of a three-days worth of food and necessary supplies.

Some items include:

  • Water – it’s recommended a gallon per person per day
  • First aid kit
  •  non-perishable foods
  • can opener
  • battery-operated radio
  • battery-operated flashlight
  • extra batteries on hand
  • pocket knife
  • personal hygiene items
  • extra clothes
  • at least one week supply of medications, supplies and medical equipment
  • copies of important documents
  • cash
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • If owning a pet; including food, freshwater, medication and records

Track Local Announcements

Communication plays an important role when planning for Florida’s hurricane season. Take time and educate yourself on how local authorities will present information to residents. Leading up to landfall, make sure you watch the local news to learn more about the hurricane path, potential strength and evacuation routes if needed.

Evacuate, If Necessary

When in doubt, evacuate. Depending on your parent’s level of mobility, evacuating may present some challenges, but it is the best way to guarantee their safety. If your loved one is unable to drive, make sure plans are in place for their transportation needs if they need to leave home quickly.

Make a Medical Plan

Assess all of your parent’s medical needs and be prepared for medical facilities and drug stores being closed. Do they require special batteries for their hearing aid? Do they rely on an oxygen tank? Make sure a family member is aware and prepared to help – and has a copy of their medical history.

The Benefit of Living at a Florida Senior Living Community

When you choose a senior living community in Jensen Beach, FL, we have policies and procedures in place to weather a storm and evacuate if necessary.

Backup Generator

It’s mandated for senior living communities in Florida to have a backup generator.  During a power outage, the generator can power the medical equipment, especially for those who rely on electricity, battery packs, or need oxygen. Additionally, a generator will also keep food from spoiling and provide limited air conditioning.

Senior Living in Port St. Lucie

If your loved one lives in an assisted living and memory care community, there are precautionary procedures in place to ensure they are safe and cared for during severe weather. To learn more about how The Cabana is prepared, give us a call at 772-934-9241 or contact us online to schedule your tour.

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